2012 Turkey Run

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This month!  Come out and play Sunday, November 18th.  From 8am to 1pm we will be running the fields as usual but come 1pm, we will divide the field in half.  Players who wish to participate will be divided in to two teams:  Hunters and Turkeys.  From Lion’s Den to the Beach, hunters will be scattered through the fields as the turkeys are released into the Den.  Turkey’s will be allotted a limited quantity of paintballs to protects them selves out in the wild, where as the hunter’s will be much more prepared.  

  The Object/To Win:

Hunters:  To clean out the entire flock of turkey’s before they reach the Beach, without getting hit yourself.  Don’t be foolish–these turkey’s do bite back.

Turkeys:  To make it to Beach with as many from your team as possible.

Whoever completes their objective with the majority of alive teammates wins!  Prizes and FREE PASSES to the WINNERS.

This is an optional game.  For those who schedule for November 18th and do not feel like participating, that’s fine!  We will still be running games on the Trenches and Maze.

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